Post-Ignition13 (Bias Towards Action) To Do List

  • Wikispaces Classroom as an online, collaborative “draft book”
  • Individual student blogs (Kidblogs or Blogger?)
  • A class Evernote account for “tagging the learning journey” / collecting evidence of learning
  • The “teacher adviser” aka mentor, aka whānau teacher, aka learning guide – what does this role look like? (hint: needs to be rigorous – a formal, but close, learning relationship)
  • Think about how primary-aged students can fast track their learning (and how to assess this – a “testing centre”? sidenote: using Infographics to show learning!)
  • Self-directed learning boot camps (if needed)
  • Digital Citizenship as a theme throughout the year – inc. community evenings
  • Developing events in Wellington to share awesome teaching (educafe evenings?)
  • Kids doing unconferences / ignite talks
  • Setup Apple Configurator or Meraki
  • Take part in some place hacking / guerilla geography later in the year

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