#28DaysofWriting, a Premortem

1st February, 2015 || Day One || 2:45pm

A premortem is a “what might go wrong” thinking prompt for teams at the very start of a project. Teams can use it to air out all their grievances and issues and reservations in a safe, structured way. It helps teams identify risks at the outset of an undertaking instead of getting deep within a project, investing time and money, and then having to confront the issues / attitudes.


This is my #28daysofwriting premortem

Reservation: Time. Resolution: Make time. I’ve got a weekday time to blog – right after I put my 2 year old to bed. I’m sorry 7:00pm current affairs show – you’re just going to have to be on mute for a bit.

Reservation: Ideas. Resolution: Think ahead. I’ve been noting down interesting bits and bob, half-hunches, and scribbles of ideas over the last few days. I’m going to make a regular “segments” (if that is the right word) – for example I’m going to reanimate an idea I had a while back called “Friday Takeaways” where I reflect on the week. Kiwis love our Friday takeaways.

Reservation: Perfectionism. Resolution: Just Do It. I’ve probably ummed and ahhed over ideas and never actually removed them from the space between my ears and into reality too many times. I’m going to write stuff down, get it out there in the wild, and care less about crafting the perfect paragraph. Good start with that today.

Those are probably my top three worries about this month, however, even in writing them down and thinking about solutions in the last 16 minutes, I’m feeling confident and excited about the month to come.

28 Days Later…

I’m going to have doubled the amount of posts I’ve ever written (I’ve only ever done 27! Eeek!)

I’m going to have developed a writing habit – something I’ve always wanted but never quite had

I’m going to be a more reflective educator

I’m going to have shared more – what works, what doesn’t, and what’s challenging in education in 2015

I’m going to have connected and learned with / from a whole gaggle of other legendary teacher-types


And those are all good things.

Thanks muchly to Tom Barrett for the prompt into this month. I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into the challenge.

1st February, 2015 || Day One || 3:13pm

CC Image by WarfyrdauzwaR

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