Ahh! What better way than starting a blog with a post titled with an overused, clichéd internet meme. Fortuitous beginnings.

Anyway. I got sick of being stuck with the 140 character limit on Twitter – and being a naturally rambly fellow, decided to get a blog up and cranking.
Hi! I’m Matt, and I’m an edu-holic tech-aholic.
My micro-CV:
B.A + Hons @ Vic
1 year in Korea teaching English (안녕하세요!)
3 years in Taiwan teaching English (你好!)
Teacher trained in Palmerston North @ Massey (Wassup dawg!)
It’s my very first brand-spanking-new year as a teacher. I was lucky enough to land a gig at Amesbury School in Churton Park, Wellington. It’s also brand-spanking new, so we get along together pretty well.
We do some amazing stuff out at Amesbury School. We have flexible learning spaces, we run two hubs (Year 1 – 2: Koru Hub, and Year 3 – 6: Harakeke Hub), we team-teach, we ground our curriculum in Inquiry, we learn Mandarin, Te Reo, and music. Heaps more stuff too! I’ll catch you guys up with it in upcoming blog posts.
Flexible, open learning spaces at Amesbury School
So why did I start a blog? Well, it’s a fairly interesting mundane story really. I’ve just been initiated into the demographic of ‘smartphone user’ (to be specific, a Samsung Galaxy S3 – love!) and I was going to hit up my fellow teachers about some sweet apps I’d been investigating and how they could be of use in the classroom / for teacherly organisation / for playing grumpy birds. I thought, if I’m going to be writing some mini app reviews, I may as well make them available to any other teacher people lurking about the internets. Hence, these humble beginnings.
Here’s what I was hoping this blog could also be:
A place for reflection, thought and critical analysis.
A place to share – ideas, resources, tidbits, and stuff we’ve been up to.
A place to celebrate.
A place to not take things too seriously.
I’m particularly interested in:
Holistic assessment, meaningful usage of tech, enhancing parental and community involvement, teacher training and PRT, passion-based-learning, and authentic, purposeful, engaging learning. Techy-interests include Google Apps, Android, open-source. Also, rocking it out on the guitar (and making a fool of myself).
That’s a little bit of a look into what will follow on this blog.
So.. yeah, nice to meet you!
tl;dr Name’s Matt. I’m a primary school teacher in NZ. This is my blog. Going to post education-related bits and pieces.